Linux: Self-signed certificate for Apache SSL

This article details how to generate an SSL certificate in order to encrypt traffic on an Aache hosted site using HTTPS. The certificate will be self-signed, meaning browsers will still show a warning message when accessing the page.

Java: Dynamic Event Throttling

In the code snippet described below I outline an algorithm for dynamically throttle the number of events occurring. In the example I limit the rate of exceptions being thrown, but theoretically this can be any kind of event, e. g. requests coming from some event source or user.

Using Git as SVN Client

Using Git as SVN client is quite easy, since the functionality has been built-in already, named the “git-svn” bridge. It boils down to an additional Git command which can be used in the form git svn <command>.

Oracle Administration Snippets

On this page I am collecting bits and pieces which help with Oracle database administration. I have collected them from over the internet, so thanks a lot to all those people providing these helpful examples. In case you are the author of one of them and would like some credit, please let me know and I will mention the source gladly.

Linux Snippets

This article collects all kinds of useful tips and tricks around Linux usage, mostly if not all of them about command line tools. Many have been collected over the years, so any advanced user may not find them interesting. But when getting started with the command line, they may still be helpful for new users.

Linux: Dell XPS 13 9343

A couple of days ago I received my new toy: A brand new Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition with pre-installed Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS. This post summarizes my experiences through the first couple of days - technical issues, their solutions and my general impressions about the device.